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This award-winning CD-ROM contains a feature-length documentary about Austin's Barton Springs and the Edwards Aquifer. The rich content includes aquifer science, human history, popular culture and games. The project features an introduction by Bill Moyers and readings by Robert Redford, Ann Richards and other luminaries.50% of the proceeds from sales go to the City's new Barton Springs Education Center

Barton Springs Interactive Awards:

#1 Texas Interactive Media Award for Public Service at the SXSW Interactive Festival.

#2 Community Collaboration Award given by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin City Search and the United Way.

Check These Samples: [Intro with Bill Moyers] [Earth Day at Barton Creek] [Barton Creek as Classroom] [The Eel] [Creatures of Barton Creek] [Joe Nick Patowski on Swimming] [Life in Barton Creek] [The Salamander] [The Aquifer Game] [Water Quality Monitoring] [Social Integration at the Springs] [Springs as Community] [City Water Protection] [Barton Springs Circa 1910] [Baptism in the Springs]

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